TAV Georgia and Sakaeronavigatsia carried out a joint project

TAV Georgia finished the construction of a new taxiway at Tbilisi International Airport. Therefore, Tbilisi International Airport has an additional taxiway (GOLF) and a roundabout, which will significantly increase runway throughput and is the most important project for large airlines operating large-scale aircraft.

The presence of the AGL system is crucial for the full and proper operation of the airport and the runway. This system is provided by Sakaeronavigatsia Ltd. of the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia.

Sakaeronavigatsia invested 3 million 755 thousand GEL in the equipment of the taxiway with visual Navaids. The project for the expansion of the taxiway AGL system was carried out by the French company ADPI. Italian company OCEM supplied and installed new, modern parts of the system.

Modern LED-type, Italian-made lights of new technology were installed on the new taxiway – “G” GOLF. The AGL system of the taxiway (GOLF) of Tbilisi International Airport is in full compliance with the ICAO international standards and meets the local and international requirements.

This project will increase the throughput and safety of the existing runway.