Company profile



The mission of SAKAERONAVIGATSIA is to provide the users of Georgian air space with a safe and effective service according to the country’s legislation and the standards of the international aviation organizations; to minimize the risk factors that cause aviation incidents and to reduce the negative impact of flights on the environment.




SAKAERONAVIGATSIA is a reliable and stable part of the Georgian aviation industry. It supports the stable development of civil aviation in the country. The goal of the company is to become an innovator in the aviation sphere, keep and increase competitiveness in the Caucasus region and abroad.




SAKAERONAVIGATSIA provides the following services:

• Air Traffic Management in the Georgian airspace

• Flight Information Services (FIS/AFIS)

• Aeronautical Information Services (AIS)

• Provision of Emergency Messages

• Airspace Management

• Navigation service

• Radio Surveillance service

• Meteorological service

• Lightning services

• Aeronautical Rescue Coordination Center (ARCC)


Geographic Area (FIR)


Flight and information area controlled by SAKAERONAVIGATSIA scope 89,300 km2 and encompasses the following:

• Dryland of the country

• State territorial waters

• A part of the Neutral Waters in the Black Sea aquatic area