ATC Automation Systems

The ATC Automated Systems Department maintain systems, which provide air traffic controllers with the information and tools necessary for their operations to control and manage delegated airspace and focuses its efforts on ensuring safe flights operation. The ATC Automated Systems Department conducts its activities in accordance with the requirements of Georgian legislation and guidance documents (requirements and recommendations of ICAO and Eurocontrol).

The staff of the ATC Automated Systems Department ensures the continuous and reliable work of all the facilities under its responsibility, as well as carries out the control and monitoring of the facilities, in addition, the staff carries out operational management and performs maintenance and repairs.

The workplaces of the air traffic controllers are equipped as with automated air traffic control systems, providing timely delivery of radar and flight information to the controllers’ working positions, granting necessary tools to organize the air space management, as well as provides reliable communications via the voice communication system, which provides air traffic controllers with various types of the communication as "ground-air", “ground-ground”, satellite and direct connection.

Along with main systems, there are additional tools and equipment to ensure comfortable and smooth work of controllers.

All available equipment at the air traffic controllers' positions is reserved to ensure continuous, qualitative and reliable air traffic control.